The Regtech Startup Program

Many people from inside and from outside financial services want to found a succesful RegTech startup outside large financial institutions.

That is why we are introducing the new on-demand RegTech Startup Program, an individual online or blended learning program to quickly help people that want to start their own succesful RegTech startup, a virtual RegTech startup, during this crisis or who want to have a ‘plan b’ in case they lose their permanent job in 2023. As RegTech startup founder or as RegTech startup consultant, trainer, coach or mentor.

From problem or need to successful RegTech startup

The RegTech startup program is a modular program for founders of RegTech startups, consultants, trainers, coaches and mentors It is a blended and/or online learning program: that is, a combination of self-study materials, video tutorials, assignments, online life coaching and online business coaching and whatts app support.

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A previous education is not required, but a good command of the English language is important because all the learning materials are in English. Including the RegTech startup & change management canvasses, personal branding, social media marketing & video marketing.

✔️  Introduction.
✔️  Definitions.
✔️  What is a startup?
✔️  The RegTech Model Canvas©
✔️  Three types of innovative RegTech business models.
✔️  Your niche customers
✔️  Touchpoints, sales & marketing.
✔️  The RegTech startup organisation.
✔️  How to turn ideas into relevant solutions.
✔️  Digital product development.
✔️  How to finance your RegTech startup?
✔️  The RegTech Startup Business Ecosystem.

Other topics included:

✔️  Digital strategy development (The Basics).
✔️  Hybrid working, working at home and remote management (The Basics).
✔️  Startup change management (The Basics).
✔️  Personal branding (The Basics).
✔️  Linkedin Marketing for entrepreneurs (The Basics).
✔️  Social Media marketing (The Basics).
✔️  Video Marketing (The Basics).

Optional modules.

There are many optional modules available (not included in the basic program). Including

✔️  Digital strategy development.
✔️  Online platform design.
✔️  Cybersecurity.
✔️  Personal development planning
✔️  The Quitting Your Job Program.

Want to know more about the online and blended RegTech Startup Programs?

If you want to know more about all the ‘a la carte’ options and modules in the on-demand virtual ‘RegTech Startup Programs’, please email your mobile number and the link to your LinkedIn profile using this form. Then we immediately will contact you to make an appointment for an online intake interview.

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