What is a side gig?

More and more people are trying to make money online with side gigs in the online gig economy to survive this crisis What a side gig is and how you can make money online with side gigs is explained in this blog.

The term gig and therefor also side gig comes from musicians and is short for ‘engagement’. It describes a job or task that lasts for only a specified short period of time without a fixed contract next to another job or source(s) of income”

Examples of entrepeneurs that are successful with side gigs in the gig economy online are part-time of full-time online freelancers, men and women working at home or digital nomads.

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Large online platforms like Uber and Airbnb play an important role in what is called the online platform economy in the gig economy including for making money online with side gigs, but for people making money at home or anywhere online including online freelancers and smart entrepreneurs that want to make and save money online, online platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are as important.

If you want to survive the recession in 2023, you can also add more income streams to your income by offering different side gigs yourself directly to your existing customers and contacts like I am doing since 2001. Read, watch and bookmark these posts on making money with side gigs online in ‘The Online Gig Economy’.

Survive the online shakeout and an start to make money with side gigs today.

Do you want to know more about how you can successfully earn money with side gigs in the online gig economy as hybrid entrepreneur nex to your dayjob like I did succesfully since 2001 with side gigs? Send me an email using this form to plan a call about our on-demand and A la carte courses.

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