Digital Transformation & Organizational Change.

Learn how to manage and implement digital transformation and organizational change with this new fast learning modular program using innovative self-learning packages with e-books, canvasses and checklists.

In times of crisis, speed is of the essence and using the right methods & tools to transform your company fast and in an integrated, holistic way into a Lean & Mean Virtual Organization. That is what you will learn in this fast learning, self-paced modular program including on-demand help and personal and business coaching.

Module 0: Introduction and definitions.

In this introduction, you will learn what different modules in this new fast learning program are and how to get on-demand feedback, training and coaching. You will also learn relevant definitions.

Module 1: Defining the best digital strategy.

To define a winning digital strategy to become a digital leader in the online platform economy? We will use this innovative self-paced and fast learning e-book, with easy to use tools and free downloadable canvasses to focus on customers and prospects in digital blue oceans.

Digital Strategy Mapping - Digital leadership In The Online Platform Economy by Tony de Bree

Digital Strategy Mapping

Digital Leadership In The Online Platform Economy


Module 2: digital transformation and organizational change.

To define & implement the right survival strategy for your corporate to survive the perfect storm and grow and scale successfully after wards, you wil learn how to use an innovative 5-step approach with innovative canvasses like the Corporate Model Canvas©, the Organizational Design Canvas©, the Corporate Change Canvas© & the Businessecosystem Model Canvas© to digitally transform the organization including the culture. using this fast-learning self-pace learning package:


Survival Strategies For Corporates

How To Survive The Covid-19 Crisis In 5 Steps


More: What is the online shakeout?, What is the online gig economy? & What is the online platform economy?

Module 3: The Virtual Organization – Implementing hybrid working, working at home and managing employees.

In this module, you will learn what a virtual organization and how to implement & manage a virtual organization with a virtual organizational design including hybrid working, working at home, remote working and remote managing virtual teams. Using this innovative self-paced and fast learning e-book, with easy to use tools and free downloadable how-to-checklists in every cahpter. Including productivity hacks and time management hacks:

The New Normal Economy - Hybrid Working And Remote Working For Managers and Employees by Tony de Bree

The New Normal Economy

Hybrid Working & Working At Home For Managers And Employees


Advantages of this new self-paced modular program.

The advantages of this new fast learning program are that you can define your own fast learning program whenever you want, you can start the program whenever you want and you can get on-demand help whenever you want. An what is critical in time of crisis: the costs in terms of time, energy and money are much lower than with regular programs and learning materials. So what are you waiting for?

And you can follow the program next to your day-job for instance or as part of your outplacement program.

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