Virtual Workshop – Innovating With Business Ecosystems

Digital leaders in the online platform economy are leveraging relationships in business ecosystems to start, grow and scale their online business and beat the competition. Learn how to become a digital leader in the online platform economy and survive the online shakeout leveraging business ecosystems in this 2-day fast learning virtual workshop.

Digital Strategy Mapping - Digital leadership In The Online Platform Economy by Tony de Bree

Digital Strategy Mapping

Digital Leadership In The Online Platform Economy


What are you going to learn?

During this 2-day innovative virtual workshop, you wil learn how organizations can innovate more effectively and efiiciently based on an business ecosystem approach. You learn what a business ecosystem is, what the Business Ecosystem Canvas(C) and how to use business ecosystems to become a digital leader in the online platform economy.

As individual or with small online groups, you will develop a succesful business ecosystem for your own organisation to survive the online shakeout and to become a digital leader in the online platform economy.

The virtual program is divided into different modules:

– Introduction.
– Digital leadership in the online platform economy.
– What are business ecossystems?
– Designing virtual organizations.
– The Business Ecosystem Canvas©.
– Designing, implementing & changing successful business ecosystems in 3 steps.
– Embedding a succesful businessecosystem strategy in your organizational design.
– Leveraging business ecosystems to survive and thrive in the online shakeout.

After completing the virtual workshop:

– you can apply the business ecosystem approach to your own organization.
– you kown how business ecosystems work and how stakeholders in a business ecosystem can co-create customer value.
– you can identify barriers to implementing a successful business ecosystem strategy in your organization and you know what the role of leadership, culture and digital model innovation is for a successful ecosystem approach.
– you have learned the relevant digital model innovation skills, methods & tools to design, implement and change a digital strategy with business ecosystems in all elements in your organization.

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Practical Information

Location: You can follow this virtual program online anywhere.
Form of study: Virtual Program without or with on-demand coaching in English or Dutch *.
Language: English.
Certification: After completing the program you will receive a Certificate from the Virtual Business School
Costs: Ask for a quote as there are diferent options you can choose in this ‘A la carte’ program.

* This 2-day virtual program can also be turned into a blended learning program and customised to the needs of your organization as an incompany learning experience.


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