Outplacement 2.0

Online Side-Hustling

Learn how to make money and save money online in the online gig economy next to your dayjob with different types of online gigs.

Disruptive Entrepreneurship

Become a successful solopreneur offline & online in the online gig economy with a lean & mean virtual organisation, digital products & digital services.

The 50plus Startup Program

Learn how to successfully turn an idea into any type of succesful startup in 5 steps.

Growing & Scaling Your Online Business

Learn how to grow and scale your online business in the online gig economy.

Working For A Startup

Learn how to implement & manage hybrid working and working at home in The New Normal Economy including with your partner & kids.

Working For A Scaleup

Design and improve digital customer experience and achieve clear customer objectives including customer retention, loyalty & satisfaction.

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