Do You Have A Plan B if You Lose Your Job Tomorrow?

I don’t know if you have noticed, but many people with a permanent job turn out not to have any plan-b for when their income is partially or even completely lost. As is the case since the Great AI-Layoff started in 2022 as a consequence of the democratization of AI. And that especially goes for people working in marketing & communication, finance and even high-tech. And as a result, they immediately get into major financial problems. That didn’t happen to me and it doesn’t have to happen to you if you take quick action today.

1. My father filed for bankruptcy in 1985.

I myself was better prepared for a number of reasons. My father went bankrupt when I was 18 and as a result, I was forced to generate income in other ways to pay for my studies and support myself and learn relevant digital-skills. I folowed free ICT-courses at the university and started to learn how to design and program different types of e-learning in 1982.

2. My online plan b next to my day job between 2000 – 2008.

From about the year 2000 on, I learned how to make money online at home (WAH) with digital products such as short management and online marketing e-books and software with Paypal as payment provider, as ‘side-hustle’. next to my day-job at the ABN Amro. And that went fine, not to say great.  There I also got to know the online world of Fiverr and other partners with whom I could switch quickly and who could help me quickly with high quality and a low price online services, SaaS-software and short management e-books.

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3) 2011: Leaving The Corporate World

At the end of 2011 I left ABN Amro, Leaving The Corporate Rat Race, to become a happy and healthy self-employed entrepreneur. I had prepared my new hybrid short businessplan as virtual solopreneur, working at home (WAH) and anywhere, anyplace any time online including as digital nomad. A large part of my income came from offline activities, but I also continued to learn new relevant soft- and hard skills to make money online with different digital products and especially short management ebooks. Watching online trends in the non-corporate, non large dinosaur world … just in case.

4) My online plan b since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis.

Sometimes external events force you to implement your plan-b fast. Since the start of the Corona crisis, I took my personal online plan-b out of the closet again and adapted it based on what I call ‘the virtual solopreneur’ as a business model. With the virtual organization still as organizational structure for hybrid working, working at home online and as digital nomad:

The New Normal Economy - Hybrid Working And Remote Working For Managers and Employees by Tony de Bree

The New Normal Economy

Hybrid Working & Working At Home For Managers And Employees


And that worked fine. In addition to a quick exercise to stop unnecessary expenses and to invest in permanent relevant right-skilling. Relevant to me and my customers, with emphasis on relevant digital-right skilling for (future) solopreneurs, startups, scaleups and SMEs.

5) My new AI-powered business model since 2022

When the democratization of AI hit us solopreneurs first online, I was aware of what that would mean for me and my customers immediately. And that is why I designed and implemented a new ai-powered business model based on the virtual organization and an ai-powered business ecosystem fast to help my non-corporate customers to survive and thrive in the ai-powerd economy and to survive the next phase in the online shakeout.

Defining and implementing your personal plan b will always have to be an individual exercise with an individual right-skilling plan with a different sense of urgency for all of us individually. You might have to pivot your learning strategy from personal growth strategy to personal survival strategy.

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Right-Skilling For The AI-Powered Economy

How To Survive The Great AI-Layoff In The New Age Of Work


As making the right choices and fast is crtitical, starting now and fast learning is key to your success and survive any crisis including the online shakeout and the great AI-layoff if you are currently working in marketin & communication, finance and even in high-tech in large bureaucratic companies.

Reach out.

If you want to define and execute your personal plan-b, future-proofing yourself, including the option of Leaving The Corporate Rat Race or if you want your managers and employees to learn how to do that including as part of a new virtual and hybrid outplacement program, contact us here today and we wil contact you for a free intake call and a quote :

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