Sacred Cows In Management Consulting

In the world of management, sacred cows are like the revered cows in Hinduism – ideas or practices, assumptions and even individual people that are considered untouchable and beyond criticism. These are the long-held beliefs, policies, or behaviors that everyone including by professors in universities just accepts as fact, even if there’s no real evidence to support them or the times have clearly changed.

The New Normal Economy - Hybrid Working And Remote Working For Managers and Employees by Tony de Bree

The New Normal Economy

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Here’s why sacred cows can be a problem for managers:

  • Hinder innovation: They prevent any type of innovation. Not only regarding products and services but laso in organizational innovation and model innovation.
  • Reduce adaptability: Clinging to outdated practices can make it difficult for decision makers in large organizations to respond effectively to change.
  • Wasted resources and talents of people: If a sacred cow practice is no longer effective, it can be a drain on time, money, and employee morale.
  • Hinder creativity and productivity: They discourage questioning the status quo, which can stifle fresh ideas and new approaches lik these using AI for instance:
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AI-Driven Productivity Hacks

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Some examples of sacred cows in management consulting include:

  • Professors in Business Schools Are Always Right: Many professors in traditional business schools do not practice continuous life long learning outside of the comfy ‘large dinosaur’ online comfortzone. Innovation is much faster online on the web than in that closed limited space.
  • Bestselling Authors Of Managementbooks Are Always Right: Many bestselling authors of physical managementbooks do not practice continuous life long learning outside of the comfy ‘large dinosaur’ online comfortzone. So what they aresaying is always lagging behind the speed of change online.
  • Long working hours equal dedication: This can lead to burnout and hinder productivity.
  • Experience is the only qualification for leadership: It can overlook potential in younger employees or those with different backgrounds.
  • Hierarchies are the best way to structure a team: Flatter structures can sometimes be more efficient and encourage collaboration.

By recognizing and challenging sacred cows including sacred cow assumptions, modern leading managers and management consultants can create a more open and adaptable and healthy work environment. Replacing toxic-leadership in many large bureaucratic organizations as part of AI-powered organzational design.

This leads to better decision-making, improved customer loyalty and customer satisfaction and a higher employee loyalty and employee satisfaction.

For example, senior managers of large bureaucratic organizations might think that they are ‘in control’ and that they have the right skills to be a leader in artificial intelligence now and in the future. Because they go to all the large traditional conferences of large dinosaurs in their industry, they are hiring management consultants from the traditional large dinosaur management consulting companies and they are getting all of the diploma’s from the traditional large dinosaur business schools and large dinosaur universities.

The question is: are they right in this fast changing and turbulent online and offline business environment? Or should they ‘pivot’ their business model into an AI-powered business model and fast and find and eliminate all sacred cows in their own minds? To be able to survive and thrive in the AI-powered economy?

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