The Virtual Business School

Learn the right AI-skills with your own in-company virtual development programs. New:  Leaving The Corporate Rat RaceThe Online Course School in English, Dutch or French.

The Virtual Business School

The Virtual Business School - Right-Skilling For Entrepreneurs To Survive The Onlin e-Shakeout by Tony de Bree

AI-Upskilling, Reskilling & Right-Skilling

AI Model Innovation

What is the AI Model Canvas, designed by Tony de Bree -2

AI-Model Canvas

Learn how to use the AI model canvas to design & implement a new AI-powered busines model with an AI-powered organisation and business ecosystem.

AI-Organizational Design Canvas

Learn how to use the AI organizational design canvas to design & implement an aligned AI-powered organisation.

AI Business Ecosystem Canvas

Learn how to design & implement an aligned AI business ecosystem as the basis for you new AI-powered business model.

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AI Reskilling, Upskilling & Righ-Skilling

In order to help you to survive the online shakeout, we facilitate AI reskilling, AI upskilling & AI right-skilling with contiously updated virtual events, online learning, personal coaching & digital content like short ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts videos like this one.  


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