What Is The AI-Model Canvas?

To quickly become an AI-Powered company© in an integrated and aligned way, you need new innovative AI-business modelling methods & templates to be able to turn your current business model and current organisation into an aligned AI-powered business model.

That is why the AI Model Canvas© was designed and co-created.

What is the AI-Model Canvas?

The AI-Model Canvas is an innovative template and reference model designed by Tony de Bree together with customers and partners for strategic management and holistic organizational change for describing an existing business model and existing organizational design and designing & implementing a new AI-powered business model with an aligned AI-powered organization and AI-powered business ecosystem.

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The rapid development of AI requires new innovative models, frameworks an tools for fast & integrated AI-powered digital transformation, AI-Powered change management for corporates, startups, scaleups, SMEs but also for organizations of public authorities and governments.

Innovate models for the design and integrated implementation of a new AI-powered business model, an AI-powered organizational design, and an AI-powered business ecosystem with all organizations and individuals in that collaborative virtual organization.

And that is why we co-designed and co-developed the AI Model Canvas©, in combination with a number of other practical innovative AI-powered digital transformation tools including:

  1. The AI-transformation Canvas.
  2. The Digital Transformation Canvas.
  3. The Organizational Design Canvas.
  4. The Business Ecosystem Canvas..

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