Identifying Toxic Leadership in the Workplace:

Here are signs that your workplace might be full of executives, managers and teamleaders demonstrating signs of toxic leadership:

  • Individual Behaviors:
    • Bullying and intimidation: Do you see your own boss or another manager of even senior manager belittling employees, taking credit for others’ work, or using threats to manipulate people?
    • Micromanagement and lack of trust: Does your leader constantly check in on your work, second-guess decisions, and make it difficult to be autonomous?
    • Favoritism and blame games: Does your leader play favorites, creating a culture of competition and pitting team members against each other? Are you expected to take the fall for mistakes made by others?
    • Lack of empathy and emotional intelligence: Does your leader struggle to understand your feelings or concerns? Do they dismiss personal problems or create a stressful environment?
    • Deception and withholding information: Does your leader keep you in the dark about important decisions or manipulate information to serve their own agenda?

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  • Company Culture:
    • High turnover: Is there a constant revolving door of employees leaving the company?
    • Low morale and engagement: Do your colleagues seem unhappy, disengaged, or burnt out? Is there a general lack of motivation and positivity?
    • Fear and silence: Are employees afraid to speak up or share ideas? Is there a sense of secrecy or distrust within the organization?
    • Unrealistic expectations and constant pressure: Does your leader set unrealistic deadlines or goals, creating a stressful and unsustainable work environment?
    • Lack of recognition and appreciation: Do your contributions go unnoticed, or is there a culture of negativity and blame instead of praise and encouragement?

If you recognize these signs in your workplace, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself and consider your options.

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