What Is A Bureauspace?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, many managers and employees in large traditional organizations with a Machine Bureaucracy structure (Mintzberg), including corporates, large banks and large Public institutions like Ministeries and local government had to introduce hyrbid working and in many cases online working at home because of the lock-downs.

The New Normal Economy - Hybrid Working And Remote Working For Managers and Employees by Tony de Bree

The New Normal Economy

Hybrid Working & Working At Home For Managers And Employees


They moved their existing organizational structure online, they projected it online. Thus creating what is called a ‘bureauspace’. What is a bureauspace?

A bureauspace is the exact digital representation, an exact copy, of an offline Machine Bureaucracy organizational structure with all its different levels of decision making and planning and control systems and processes (top-down).”  

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This was not the first time that this traditional approach to digital transformation was made. And by the way, it is still one of the most persistent sacred cows in management until this very day. Three examples:

  • Digitization of existing inside-out business processes using artificial intelligence.
  • Automating the existing organizational design of large organzations with their high relative organizational costs.
  • Programs like ‘The Digital Goverment’ and other expensive programs without turning it into a customer-centric organization by solving internal obstacles including the toxic culture in many large bureaucratic organizations.
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