What is right-skilling talent?

Talent management and career development are hot right now. Upskilling talent, but especially right-skilling talent, plays an increasingly important role in this. What is right-skilling talent?

‘right skilling talent means that an organization or a person, based on a personal competency profile, learns the necessary (‘right’) soft and hard skills that can be used within the organisation or for the person concerned in the future in e.g. the online gig economy’.

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You can look at right skilling talent in three ways: 1) from an organizational perspective by, for example, HR professionals in large corporates, 2) from the personal perspective of the future of work of individual managers and other employees and 3) from the perspective of indepedendent entrepreneurs including online entrepreneurs in the online gig economy. We call that right-skilling entrepreneurs.

Learn more about right skilling talent or right-skilling entrepreneurs.

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