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Learn the right soft- and hard skills with your own ‘a la carte’ personal development and learning program including Tutorials, ebooks, audiobooks, checklists, printables & different types of ‘on demand’ online learning and/or blended learning activities.

The Virtual Business School

AI Business Modelling Tools & Templates

AI Model Canvas

Learn how to use the AI model canvas to design & implement a new AI-powered busines model with an AI-powered organisation and business ecosystem.

AI Organizational Design Canvas

Learn how to use the Ai organizational design canvas to design & implement an aligned AI-powered organisation.

AI Business Ecosystem Canvas

Learn how to design & implement an aligned AI business ecosystem as the basis for you new AI-powered business model.

Online AI Learning

ChatGPT Learning

Learn how to use ChatGPT & ChatGPT powered apps with virtual events, eLearning, online learning, digital products and on-demand coaching.

Google AI Learning

Learn how to use Google AI & Google AI powered apps including Google Bard with virtual events, online learning, digital products and coaching.

Microsoft AI Learning

Learn how to use Microsoft AI apps including Bing with virtual events, online learning, digital products and on-demand coaching.

Popular Virtual & Online Learning

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AI - Artificial Intelligence

The Future Of Your Work

Digital Strategy Development


Digital Transformation

Business Model Innovation

Management: & Business Skilling

Hybrid & Online Learning

Hybrid & Online Working

Popular Online Learning

AI Management & Business Skilling

AI-Powered Business Modelling

AI-Powered Digital Transformation

AI-Powered Entrepreneurship

AI-Powered Digital Marketing

Online Learning Development

Online Working Development

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AI Reskilling, Upskilling & Righ-Skilling

In order to help you to survive the online shakeout, we facilitate AI reskilling, AI upskilling & AI right-skilling with contiously updated virtual events, online learning, personal coaching & digital content like short ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts videos like this one.  

Virtual Learning & Online Learning


Career Changers and Upskillers

individuals seeking to advance their careers or acquire new skills to stay competitive in the job market and the gig economy.

Virtual Learning

Je kunt virtual classes, virtuele workshops & virtuele masterclasses live plannen of opgenomen virtuele events volgen.

AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI - Artificial Intelligence

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Learning Models

Virtual Learning

You can participate in virtual classes, virtual workshops & virtual masterclasses or follow recorded virtual events.

Online Learning

You can learn in many different ways online, either independently or in groups including different types of virtual learning.

Online Courses

E-learning, also known as electronic learning or online learning, is the delivery of education and training through digital resources. It encompasses a wide range of learning experiences, including:

Digital Content

You use short ebooks, flipbooks, audiobooks, podcasts, workbooks, checklists as part of your personal learning plan.

On-Demand Help & Advice

You decide when, how fast, and how often you need help & advice.

The Virtual Business School

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

In this fast changing world our mission is to help you achieve your learning objectives as effective and efficient as possble.

A La Carte Learning

You can define & follow your own personal learning program, choosing a wide range of different modules & options.

Personalised Learning.

You can start when you want, you can learn whenever you want, at your own speed and in your own time. And you can ask for help.

Low cost

As we are a virtual organisation without buildings & own staff, our organisational costs are low and you benefit from that in every way.

On-Demand Learning

You can follow live or recorded virtual classes, virtual masterclasses or virtual workshops across all domains.

In order not to waste precious time, energy & money, you can define your own ‘a la carte’ modular online learning program or blended learning program including in-company.

You will be able to download digital content to learn offline. Examples are ebooks, flipbooks, audiobooks, tutorials and different types of business templates. 

Depending on the type of learning objectives to be reached, a combination of online, offline learning forms using different media can be designed.

You can choose how much and personal & busness coaching you need and want. Including how often and how fast. 

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Right-Skilling Talent & Entrepreneurs

The Virtual Business School

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