The Successful Solopreneurship Program

Learn how to turn your relevant knowledge, experience & skills into a succesful business as Ai-powered solopreneur, how to survive the online shakeout and how to recession-proof your online business. As side-hustle next to your dayjob or fulltime.

With right-skilling for the AI-powered economy, surviving the Great AI-Layoff in the new age of work for you personally as objective:

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Right-Skilling For The AI-Powered Economy

How To Survive The Great AI-Layoff In The New Age Of Work


More: What is the online shakeout?, What is the online gig economy? & What is the online platform economy?

✔️ Module 0 – Successful AI-Powered Solopreneurship
✔️ Module 1 – The Online Platform economy
✔️ Module 2 – The Online Gig Economy
✔️ Module 3 – Designing & Implementing The Virtual Organisation
✔️ Module 4 – Online Business Development
✔️ Module 5 – Growing & Scaling An Online Business
✔️ Module 6 – Digital Marketing
✔️ Module 7 – Online Business Planning.
✔️ Module 8 – Business Budgeting & Financial Management

Want to know more about the options in the virtual soloentrepreneurship program?

If you want to know more about all the ‘a la carte’ options and modules in the on-demand solopreneurship program, please email your mobile number and the link to your LinkedIn profile in this form. Then we immediately will contact you to make an appointment for an online intake interview.

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