5 Virtual Outplacement 2.0 Learning Paths.

In order to survive the current crisis and secure the future of your work and income, you need to start one of 5 A la carte virtual outplacement 2.0 learning paths if you are a manager or an employee and you want to or have to quit your job fast.

What is outplacement 2.0?

Outplacement 2.0 are innovative on-demand hybrid and online learning programs that help you as a (former) executive, manager or other type of employee to make the transition to self-employment as (online) entrepreneur or work at startups, scaleups and SMEs. It combines tailor-made hybrid & online learning modules for “personal right-skilling” with tailor-made activities for “pivoting your life”.

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As I personally have had hands-on experience during this journey of quitting my corporate job myself in two steps and have helped many people over the years to quit their job and become a succesful entrepreneur, I can help you with your personal steps, especially in a crisis like this one. And that is why we co-designed and co-created these new virtual outplavement 2.0 programs.


✔️  Become a succesful solopreneur (part-time or fulltime).
✔️  Found a startup.
✔️  Work for a startup.
✔️  Work for a scale-up.
✔️  Work for an SME.

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If you want to know more about our all the different options and modules in our new ‘a la carte ‘outplacement 2.0’ virtual programs for you personally if you want to quit your job and become and entrepreneur for instance, please do not hesitate to 06-34387806, connect with me on Skype on tony.de.bree or email us here

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