What is online right-skilling?

We are all different. We all have our own preferred learningstyles and we all have our own personal learning objectives, especially during a crisis since the Covid-19 pandemic or to prepare ourselves for the impact of a recession. We all have different roles and different dreams about a healthy work-life balance for instance. Online right-skilling is key for the personal development of managers, employees and (future) solopreneurs and online freelancers.

What is online right-skilling?

“Online right-skilling means equipping yourself, your managers and your employees, with the right online skills to carry out the work & tasks you curently carry out and in the future

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That is why The Virtual Business together with its business ecosystem of suppliers, strategic partners and online freelancers worldwide, offers on-demand online learning with different instructional models and different media. In this way, you can reach your personal learning objectives at your own time, in your own pace and in line with your own prefered learning style.

Available online learning options

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