What Is A Change Strategy?

Even during crises, thought leaders in large bureaucratic companies including in government are never talking about how to choose and implement the right change strategy in time within the context of the fast changing external environment.

What is a change strategy?

“A change strategy is a personal and/or organizational roadmap, a blueprint, for guiding everybody in any type of organization through a period of fast or gradual transformation. It outlines the specific steps, activities, and overall integrated situational change management approach to implement changes effectively across the whole organization to a desired future state”.

How to choose and implement the right change strategy depends on a number of external and internal factors. The most important one is the degree of external alignment of the company concerned. AI-Leaders are continously monitoring what is going on online and are continuously externally aligning their ai-powered business model including the AI-powered organizational design accordingly.

They also know if designing & implementing a growth strategy is the right thing to do or if if they have to implement the right survival strategy fast in order to ensure the survival of the company.

As focus in most large bureaucratic companies, the large dinosaurs, is even since the democratization of AI and the great AI layoff still on internal alignment, that means that they often still choose collaborative change management as change strategy. Whereas another change strategy is required to be able to survive the great AI Layoff and become AI-leaders in the AI-powered economy and the new age of work:

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