What Is The Great AI-Layoff?

Since the democratization of AI hit the online world first, a transformative online trend has emerged in labour markets offline and online worldwide: The Great AI Layoff.

What is the Great AI Layoff?

The Great AI Layoff refers to an economic phenomenon with a large impact on in the future of work for everybody that is mostly ignored by ‘large dinosaurs’, also called ‘Fat Firms’, where these large companies are strategically implementing AI-powered tools to streamline operations and reduce costs. Resulting in sometimes massive lay-offs in certain industries including in marketing & communication, finance and hight- tech and ICT in general” .

While this leads to the restructuring of roles and functions and jobloss and job displacement especially in large organizations, it also presents an opportunity for personal growth, personal development and leaving the corporate rat race as I did in 2011 in the exciting fast changing online landscape of work including in the online gig economy.

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Under the condition you act fast. This is how to do that:

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Preparing for The Great AI Layoff: Your Next Steps

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