What is the online platform economy?

Since the start of the Internet in 2001 and especially since Covid-19 the online platform economy is exploding.

Digital Strategy Mapping - Digital leadership In The Online Platform Economy by Tony de Bree

Digital Strategy Mapping

Digital Leadership In The Online Platform Economy


What is the online platform economy?

the online platform economy is the emerging online economy where large online platforms like Amazon.com, Alieexpress, large social sites, companies like Uber and Airbnb and other types of online platforms are more and more dominating the marketspace

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There are many different types of online platforms. Social networks like LinkedIn are online platforms, as are dating sites for different types of customers in global, regional and local online niches. And large online platforms like Fiverr where you online demand and supply for online gigs and online freelancers meet.

Online platforms are also calles ‘electronic marketplaces’ & ‘e-marketplaces’.

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