What Is AI Art Prompting?

AI-art prompting is the art of giving instructions, an AI Art Prompt, to an AI-art generator like Dall-E, Midjourney or Stable Diffusion or other Cloud Based apps, to create unique images”.

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It’s like writing a script for the AI art generator concerned, guiding it toward a particular visual outcome. AI art prompts can be simple phrases or detailed descriptions, encompassing aspects like:

  • Subject: What do you want the image to depict? A person, animal, object, scene, or abstract concept?
  • Style: Are you looking for realism, impressionism, pixel art, cyper punk art or steam punk art.
  • Mood: Should the image be happy, sad, peaceful, chaotic, etc.?
  • Details: Specify colors, textures, lighting, composition, and other specifics.
  • References: Mention artists like Van Gogh, Vermeer, artworks, or even real-world photos as inspiration.

Or even better: make your own creative AI-art like in the header of this post: mixing the style of the famous French photographer Robert Doisneau with the style of the Dutch painter Van Gogh….. You can do whatever you want….and I love it.

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Here are some key points to remember about AI-art prompting:

  • Specificity is key: The more details you provide, the better the AI can understand your vision.
  • Experimentation is encouraged: Don’t be afraid to try different prompts and see what unexpected results you get.
  • Multiple platforms exist: Different AI art generators have varying capabilities and styles, so explore and find one that suits you.
  • Prompts are a starting point: The specific AI art generator adds its own creative interpretation to your prompt, so you’ll get unique variations with each iteration. And AI art prompts are different for each AI art generator.

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