What Is An AI-Powered Startup?

Designing and building the AI-powered organization is hot online. And rightly so. In the influential article ‘Building The AI-Powered Organization. Technology isn’t the biggest challenge. Culture is” by the three authors of McKinsey in 2019 (see here)…. the conclusion is that technology is often not the most important internal organisational obstacle in the current organizational design, but the existing culture is.

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And that does not only apply to large corporations or large bureaucratic government organizations, but also to startups, scaleups & SMEs. The existing culture of your existing startup can be an internal organizational obstacle to become and succesful AI-powered startup

What is an AI-powered startup?

“An AI-powered startup is a startup in which artificial intelligence is implemented in the AI-powered organizational design in an aligned and holistic way to automate and optimize the way an existing startup or a new startup that you want to found is creating value for and with its customers and other stakeholders in the AI-powered business ecosystem in an integrated and aligned way”.

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Focus is on continuous aligning and alignment of what is called ‘the 7 levers of change’ in an aligned AI-Powered Organizational Design at the core of the AI-Model Canvas©: including the right culture, the right people & skills, the right core goals & core values, the right structure of the virtual organization, the right systems, the right digital strategy and the right business processes.

Implementing hybrid working, working at home and different formats of remote working, of virtual organizing fast in your company is critical for succes:

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