Top AI Side Hustle Questions and Answers

People curious about how to make money online with AI side hustles often ask similar questions. Here are some of the most common questions and my personal answers as digital nomad and working at home:

The New Normal Economy - Hybrid Working And Remote Working For Managers and Employees by Tony de Bree

The New Normal Economy

Hybrid Working & Working At Home For Managers And Employees


1. What kind of AI side hustles are there?

There are many different options. Some popular ones include:

  • Developing AI-powered chatbots: Businesses are increasingly using chatbots for customer service. You can create chatbots, train them with conversation flows, and manage their performance.
  • Data analysis with AI tools: If you’re comfortable with data, use AI tools to analyze data sets and generate insights for businesses.
  • AI-powered content creation: Utilize AI tools to generate ideas, write content drafts, or edit your existing work.
  • Freelancing with AI skills: Offer your AI expertise on freelance platforms. This could involve data cleaning, image/video editing, copywriting and ghost writing with AI tools, or creating presentations and designs with AI assistance.

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2. Do I need to be an AI expert to get started?

Not necessarily. Many AI tools are user-friendly and require no coding knowledge. However, some understanding of AI concepts and above all being an expert usng of specific AI-powered tools will definitely give you an edge. At the end of the day, it’s about people, not about technology. Its about how you can really help your clients and prospects to survive and thrive in the AI-powered economy:

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3. Where can I find AI tools for side hustling?

There are many free and paid cloud-based AI tools available and more and more are launched every day since the democratization of AI in the beginning of 2022. Popular options include ChatGPT, Gemini (from Google), Microsoft Pilot and DALL-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion for AI-powered image generation including AI art prompting. And next generation non-text prompt based AI-powered tools in support of AI-powered writing and AI-powered graphic design that I am personally using…..

4. What are the challenges of AI side hustles?

  • Online competition: Diferent types of AI services including AI side hustles are offered more and more online, so it is important to start right a away with the right AI-powered business model next to your dayjob like I did in 2001 and to avoid digital red oceans.
  • Staying updated: New AI tools and techniques launched online every day, so relevant life long learning is essential.
  • Limitations of AI: Although you can do a lot of things with different AI tools and techniques, you can not do everything with it. However, AI can help you to be more productive and more creative starting, growing and scaling your online business as company of one with the virtual organization.

5. How much money can I make with AI side hustles?

Active and passive earnings vary depending on your ‘digital blue ocean’, your relevant soft & hard skills, chosen AI side-hustle(s), and workload. Some people bring in a few hundred dollars a month, while others develop full-fledged businesses. Under the condition that the design and implement the right AI-powered business model.

Whatever your next step in finding meaning in your work, making money online with Ai side hustles can be a good first step for a better work-life balance as was my case after starting with online side hustling in 2001 (see on LinkedIn).

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