What is the online shakeout?

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many corporates, soloproneurs, startups, scaleups & SMEs started an online business. But many of them have failed and have gone broke because of the online shakeout.

What is the online shakeout?

The online shakeout describes the situation in which many existing and starting online business owners will not be able to start, grow, scale & above all survive in that hostile online environment and will go bankrupt unless they design and implement the right digital strategy and fast’.

Because there has been an online shakeout going on for a while now. And that’s what you run into as a online freelancer, startup, scale-up and other SME companies, just like many corporates. Senior maangers, and independent business owners are faced with fierce competition in the online platform economy when they want to start, grow and scale online …… and also when they need to survive in times of crisis like this one or a recession in 2023. They need to develop the right digital strategy to survive and thrive online:

Digital Strategy Mapping - Digital leadership In The Online Platform Economy by Tony de Bree

Digital Strategy Mapping

Digital Leadership In The Online Platform Economy


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‘The online shakeout’ is actually a term we have used in the digital economy since the start of the Internet revolution in 2001 to describe the fierce digital competition in the online business world, ‘the marketspace’.

That online shake-out basically threatens all large & small companies online in any virtual market and/or online niche market, but also offers many opportunities for those senior managers and online entrepreneurs who see it coming and anticipate the relevant online business trends based on the needs of specific groups of customers.

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