How To Create An Online Course?

Online courses are very popular online in traditional online education and in the new online learning world. That is why we designed this new modular virtual program on ‘How To Create An Online Course?’ with the format of a virtual workshop of 1 day.

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✔️ Target audience.

  • Professors, lecturers, trainers, coaches, consultants, speakers, bloggers, and other service providers who are looking to grow & scale their online business without working 24/7.
  • Full-time or part-time entrepreneurs who are looking to start, grow and scale their online business by offering online courses.
  • Any business owner, no matter what they sell or do, who wants to introduce online courses into their business.

✔️ Modules.

  • Introduction – The Benefits of Creating an Online Course
  • Module 1 – Choose Your Online Course Topic
  • Module 2 – Outline Your Online Course Design
  • Module 3 – Create Effective and Engaging Content for Your Online Course
  • Module 4 – Plan and Prepare Your Online Course Delivery
  • Module 5 – Run an Engaging Results-Focused Online Course
  • Module 6 – Follow Up and Improve Your Online Course
  • Conclusion and Next Steps

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✔️ By the time you complete the course, you will be able to:

  • Research and define your digital blue ocean(s) and identify a need, so you can pick the online course topics that your target customers want to learn about most givene your personal relevant knowledge and experience.
  • Create a clear and logical structure for your online course with course goals, high priority modules, key steps, and key content
  • Write results-focused learning objectives and learning activities that ensure your students will take action and implement what you’re teaching
  • Build engagement, interaction, and accountability into your online course
  • Select the best media formats for your course, so that you can create your content quickly AND give your students the most effective online learning experience
  • Identify and create the distinct types of online and digital content and resources you need for your online course, including your course workbook, worksheets, mediascripts, text, video, and audio
  • Set an appropriate price for your online course and a system for accepting payments
  • Choose your online course delivery platform, and schedule your online course for delivery
  • Run an engaging, results-focused online course that leads to happy, successful students who sing your praises
  • Measure your results and gather feedback from your students, so that you can continue to develop and improve your online course.

This modular virtual program be organised incompany and in house for your company, team, virtual team or department in combination with any other virtual program, virtual workshop, virtual masterclass or offline course including Leaving The Corporate Rat Race.

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