How To Create A Succesful Virtual Bootcamp

Virtual bootcamps are very popular online in traditional online education and in the new online learning world. That is why we designed this new online course ‘How To Create A Succesful Virtual Bootcamp?’ with the format of a virtual workshop of 1 day.

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✔️ Target audience.

  • Professors, lecturers, trainers, coaches, consultants, speakers, bloggers, and other service providers who are looking to scale their online business without working 24/7.
  • Full-time or part-time entrepreneurs who are looking to start, grow and scale their online business by organising virtual bootcamps.
  • Any business owner, no matter what they sell or do, who wants to introduce virtual bootcamps courses into their business.

✔️ Modules.

  • Introduction
  • Module 1 – Virtual Bootcamp Goals and Targets
  • Module 2 – Identify Your Target Audience, your Digital Blue Ocean, and Virtual Bootcamp Topic
    • Lesson 1 – Narrow Down Your Target Audience
    • Lesson 2 – Choose Your Bootcamp Topic
  • Module 3 – Outline and Create Your Virtual Bootcamp Content
    • Lesson 1 – Your Bootcamp Format & Timeline
    • Lesson 2 – Outline & Develop Your Virtual Bootcamp Content
    • Lesson 3 – Brand Your Bootcamp Content
    • Lesson 4 – Set the Price for Your Bootcamp
  • Module 4 – Choose the Best Tools and Tech
    • Lesson 1 – Bootcamp Marketing & Communications Tools
    • Lesson 2 – Bootcamp Delivery Tools
  • Module 5 – Market & Sell Your Virtual Bootcamp
    • Lesson 1 – Create Valuable Optimized Web Content
    • Lesson 2 – Build Your Sales Funnel
    • Lesson 3 – Build Your Email List by Offering Free Content (and then market to them)
    • Lesson 4 – Establish Your Web Presence
    • Lesson 5 – Build Anticipation, Explore Collaborations, and Target Specific Audiences
  • Module 6 – Deliver Your Virtual Bootcamp
  • Module 7 – Virtual Bootcamp Follow-Up and Feedback Module 8 – Review and Refine.

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✔️ Learning objectives:

By the time you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Set the virtual bootcamp goals and targets that will advance your overall business objectives
  • Choose a virtual bootcamp topic that solves your target
  • customer’s problem and provides opportunities for future sales
  • Develop a comprehensive outline and bootcamp curriculum that produces results for you and your customers, and set a price that reflects the value you will offer
  • Set up the basic systems and technology that are vital to a seamless virtual bootcamp experience
  • Create and implement a marketing strategy that will drive
  • conversions and sales, and which will contribute to your overall bootcamp and business goals
  • Deliver a dynamic, valuable, results-oriented virtual bootcamp that establishes you as an expert
  • Build on the momentum and success of your first virtual bootcamp by engaging participants with follow-up
  • communications and promotions to boost revenue and stay top of mind
  • Evaluate your bootcamp using insights gathered from the data, reports, participant feedback, and self-reflection and apply what you have learned to improve future bootcamps

This course can also be organised incompany and in house for your organisation, team or department in combination with any other course including the ones from Leaving The Corporate Rat Race.

One of the most popular topics is saving money and being more effcient implementing these AI-driven productivity hacks:

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