Many companies are in big financial trouble since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic and even more after the democratization of AI started online in 2022 with the launch of ChatGPT.

One of the main problems they face is that their organizational costs are much too high in comparision with online platforms for instance. What are organizational costs?

Organizational costs are the costs or expenses of creating an organization, running, growing and scaling an organization. Measured in money, time and energy. 


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Many large corporates and governemental organizations are used to be able to charge out all their costs including organizational costs in terms of money, time and energy to their customers.

Managing, coordinating and collaborating internally and externally cost money, time and energy. 

There are actually two types of organizational costs looking at it from a cost structure and revenue model perspective in designing and implementing a new AI-powered business model: necessary costs and unnecessary costs. Especially if you want to succesfully manage a crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic.

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A good example of that last category is the possession during Covid-19 of physical assets like expensive office space in the centre of very expensive towns or many layers of unnecessary senior management and middele managers. Many C-level executives and senior and middle managers ‘discovered’ that everybody could actually work and collaborate very well working from home or remotely in general:

The New Normal Economy - Hybrid Working And Remote Working For Managers and Employees by Tony de Bree

The New Normal Economy

Hybrid Working & Working At Home For Managers And Employees


Using tools like Zoom, Skype and Teams in a ‘virtual organization’: What is a virtual organization?.

Something many online platforms, startups, scale-ups and other new companies using the virtual organization as a basic organizational design, already discovered a long time ago. And that is why they have much lower organizational costs than large corporates and public institutions. And that explains why they are much faster than large traditional organisations.

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