What Is The Difference Between E-Learning And Online Learning?

E-learning and online learning are both forms of learning that use electronic devices and technologies. The main difference between the two is the level of interaction between learners including students and teachers, trainers and coaches.

E-learning is a form of learning that takes place through electronic learning materials, such as online modules, videos, e-books and other digital products, and interactive simulations. E-learning is usually self-paced, which means that students can set their own pace and learning route. Interaction between students and teachers is limited to asking questions and receiving feedback via email, chat, or forums.

Online learning is a form of learning that takes place through an online learning environment, such as a virtual classroom. Online learning can be both self-paced and guided. With guided online learning, students are connected with teachers and fellow students through real-time video conferencing, chat, or forums. This provides more opportunities for interaction and collaboration.

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In short, we can summarize the differences between e-learning and online learning as follows:

FeatureE-learningOnline learning
InteractionLimitedMore extensive
PaceSelf-pacedSelf-paced or guided

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