What Is An AI-Powered Organizational Design?

Hi, turning your current organisation into a succesful aligned AI-powered organization is one of the most important critical success factors for designing and implementing a succesful Ai-powered business model using the AI-model canvas.

In order to be able to do that successfully, you need to ‘open up the blackbox of the organizational design’ and design and implement an AI-powered organizational design.

What is an AI-powered organizational design?

“An AI-powered organizational design is a framework designed by Tony de Bree as an integrated part of his AI-Model Canvas© that enables organisations to effectively integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations and decision-making processes in an integrated and aligned way. It encompasses the ‘7 levers of change’: people & skills, culture, strategy (a digital blue ocean business strategy), structure (a virtual organization), business processes, systems, core goals & values that support the development, deployment, and utilisation of AI across the organization in an integrated way”.

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Moore argues that business ecosystems represent a fundamental shift in the competitive landscape, moving away from traditional head-to-head competition and towards a more collaborative, value-creating approach. And that also applies to designing and implementing an aligned AI-Powered Business Ecosystem as the foundation under a new AI-powered business model.

Digital leaders with that successfully integrate AI in an integrated ways into their whole AI-powered business model including their AI-powered organizational design with an aligned AI-powered business ecosystem will be well-positioned for success in the AI-powered economy.

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