What Is A Digital Blue Ocean Marketing Strategy?

Many marketeers including business schools and universities mix up digital blue ocean marketing strategy with the overall digital blue ocean business strategy of the company.

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Digital Blue Ocean Marketing Strategy: Putting the Business Strategy into Action

Business Strategy Versus Marketing Strategy:

  • Business strategy guides marketing strategy: The business goals and customer segments including digital blue oceans, defined in the digital blue ocean business strategy, determine what the marketing professionals needs to reach and what message to convey. Bothe strategies shoul be aligned and stay aligned.
  • Marketing strategy supports and informs business strategy: Successful marketing efforts contribute to achieving overall business objectives. Additionally, market insights gained through marketing campaigns can feed back into the digital blue ocean strategy, suggesting new opportunities or highlighting areas for improvement.

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Key Takeaways:

  • They are distinct, but not separate. Both are crucial for a company’s success.
  • Business strategy provides the framework, and marketing strategy executes it.
  • They should be constantly aligned and inform each other for optimal results.


Imagine a company aiming to become the industry leader in sustainable clothing. Their business strategy outlines this goal and defines their competitive advantage as using recycled materials and ethical production practices. The marketing strategy then translates this into specific actions, like partnering with eco-conscious influencers, creating educational content about sustainability, and running targeted ad campaigns highlighting their ethical practices.

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