What is a survival guide?

To survive in harsh environments in the wilderness for instance, different types of survival guides are very popular. Including for people that want pivot their lives completely and want to go and live off grid. What is a survival guide?

What is a survival guide?

A survival guide is a small book, short e-book or short audiobook that gives you practical information and practical instructions on how to survive in a harsh & unfriendly offline and/or online environment.

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Depending on what your personal situation is as manager, employee or as (future) solopreneur or any other type of online business owner, you need different survival skills and a different fast learning personal developmentplan to survive any personal or business crisis including the impact of the democratization of AI and the great AI-layoff in marketing, finance and even hight-tech for instance as reserach in this new ‘survival guide’ explains:

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Your personal survival right-skillingplan.

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