What is the Startup Model Canvas©?

Good morning, Speed is one of the most important criteria for founding, growing and scaling a succesful startup but also for being able to survive a crisis like this one by changing the startup businessmodel including the startup organisation in an integrated way using hybrid working and working at home on time.

The New Normal Economy - Hybrid Working And Remote Working For Managers and Employees by Tony de Bree

The New Normal Economy

Hybrid Working & Working At Home For Managers And Employees


Then you need innovative methods & tools that help you to do just that. To make quick analyzes and quickly (re)design and adjust your while business model, including your organisation (your ‘organisational design’) and your unique ecosystem.

That is why more and more founders of startups, but also startup consultants, startup trainers, startup coaches and startup mentors are now using the Startup Model Canvas© .

The Startup Model Canvas© is

The Startup Model Canvas© is a toolset for strategic, tactical & operational management to design and implement a new startup business model or map an existing one including the organisational design and the business ecosystem. It can aklso be used for startup change management and holistic business model transformation.

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Want to learn how you use the Startup Model Canvas(c)

If you want to learn how to use the Startup Model Canvas©, to start, grow or change a startup using ICT including hybrid working, working at home and remote working for instance, please email your mobile number and the link to your LinkedIn profile using this form. Then we immediately will contact you to make an appointment for an online intake interview.

Tony de Bree

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