AI Management Consultants

AI Management Consultants are professionals who are leading the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in an integrated way inside different types of organizations. These professionals often have a background in business administration, supplemented by state-of-the art knowledge of innovative strategy models and innovative reference models to design and build the AI-powered organization.

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Here are examples of tasks that AI Management Consultants can perform in designing and building the AI-powered organization for their own organization or for customers:

  • Management consulting on the possibilities of AI.
  • Scanning the external business environment.
  • Reviewing the current business model .
  • Reviewing the current organizational model.
  • Advising on the best change management approach.

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There is a growing demand for different types of AI management consultants by different types of companies and by governmental organizations as more and more companies and individuals want to survive and thrive in the AI-powered economy and the new age of work.

AI-powered management consultants and that is that they know how to implement hybrid working, work and especially working at home and other forms of remote working to build the virtual organization as organizational structure in the new aligned AI-powered organizational design.

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