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AI business professionals are professionals who are leading the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in an integrated way inside different types of organizations. These professionals often have a background in business administration, supplemented by state-of-the art knowledge of innovative strategy models and reference models to (help to) design and build the AI-powered organization, the AI-powered company.

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AI business professionals come in various flavors, each focusing on a specific aspect of bringing AI to life within any organization, large or small, old or new. Here’s a breakdown of some common AI business professional roles:

✔️ AI-Powered Management Consultants: Next gen management consultants use different AI-tools to help their customers survive and thrive in the AI-powered economy.

✔️ AI- Business Strategists: They monitor the most important online AI trends and other relevant developments in the external business environment, the impact on the existing business model and the cash-flow from their best customers, identify areas where AI can provide a strategic advantage in the eyes of their customers. They then define a new digital blue ocean business strategy together with their best customers and develop an AI-implementationplan for implementing AI across the whole organization in an aligned and integrated way.

✔️ AI Program Managers: Once the new AI-powered business strategy is set, AI program managers take the reins. They oversee the development and implementation of AI programs, ensuring they stay within budget, meet deadlines, and deliver the expected results just-in-time. They work closely with both customers, business teams, technical teams and external partners to define and implement the new AI-powered organizational design as a stong foundation for the new aligned AI-powered business model.

✔️ AI Project Managers: Once the business strategy is set, AI project managers take the reins. They oversee the development and implementation of AI projects, ensuring they stay within budget, meet deadlines, and deliver the expected results.

✔️ AI Business Analysts: Different AI business analysts act in different functions and roles as the information bridge with an outside-in view. They gather and analyze business data to identify patterns and trends, targeting the bottom-line in the AI-Model Canvas that can be leveraged by different AI models. In large organizations, they work with data scientists to translate customer needs needs into technical requirements for AI development.

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✔️ AI Product Managers: These professionals focus on the user experience of AI-powered services & products. They understand both the technical capabilities of AI and above all the needs and wants of people in their digital blue oceans. They ensure services & products are user-friendly, solve real problems, and offer a valuable experience.

✔️ AI-Powered Marketing Specialists: In the new AI-powered marketing world, AI marketing specialists need to be able to leverage aII tools and AI-powered tools to personalize marketing campaigns, optimize content delivery, and gain deeper customer insights across all touchpoints They use AI to target the right audience with the right message at the right time. The write a digital blue ocean marketing strategy that is aligned with the above mentioned digital blue ocean business strategy and they translate that into a marketingplan.

✔️ AI-Powered Sales Specialists: Similar to marketing, AI-powered sales specialists use AI tools and AI-powered tools to identify potential customers, predict sales opportunities, and personalize sales pitches. They leverage AI to make the sales process with an outside-in approach more effective and efficient.

✔️ AI Risk and Compliance Specialists: As AI is developing itself in many different forms in the online and offline business environment and a very high pace, AI risk and compliance specialists need to be aware of these external AI developments and trends and develop policies and procedures to manage potential external and internal risks associated with AI, such as cybercrime, fraud, bias, privacy concerns, and security vulnerabilities. They also have to be fast learning relevant soft and hard skills.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it highlights the diverse roles AI business professionals can play both in large organizations and in startups, scaleups and SMEs. The specific functions within each role will vary depending on the type and size of the organization and industry.

But one thing remains constant: every business professionals need to bridge the gap between the fast changing external online and offline business environment, AI and the business needs of the customers organization, ensuring AI delivers real measurable value for customers and other important stakeholders.

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