What is a boot camp?

Bootcamps or boot camps are very popular offline and in the online world. What is the origin of the term and how can bootcamps help you as manager or employee or as entrepreneur to survive this crisis and ensure the future of your work & income. Inside or outside your current working environment.

What is a bootcamp?

The origin of the concept of a bootcamp is in a method used by the American armed forces to train troops that relied on working at a high intensity to achieve the best performance in a short period. 

Transforming your professional career opportunities in your current position in a corporate for instance, can be quick and easy thanks to different types of bootcamps. We are talking about specialised intensive training that relevant knowledge and experience including digital right-killing. The bootcamp has a practical focus, and seeks to cover current or future employers’ demand for specific labour skills, we call that right-skilling talent.

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There is a second type of bootcamps. Those bootcamps seek to cover current or future entrepreneurs’ demands for specific entrepreneurship skills, we call that right-skilling entrepreneurs.

This type of intensive training teaches you the necessary practical knowledge and skills about a specific skillset in domain(s) demanded in the labour market or the online gig economy.  The key characteristics of a bootcamp are small groups, a very intense and concentrated agenda and a total immersion based on practice. ‘Doing-it’ instead of ‘talking about it.

Bootcamps are aimed at helping the participant get started with a big win – without any distractions from other work and in a relatiev short period of time. It gives you a crash course in the topic, after which you’re ready for the next phase.

Want to know more about bootcamps?

If you want to know more about how you can design and implement virtual bootcamps, please email your mobile number and the link to your LinkedIn profile using this form. Then we immediately will contact you to make an appointment for an online intake interview.

Traditional business schools that have gone online with their existing offline curricula and programs. Often using virtual classes, video recordings and traditional ‘talking-head’ tutorial videos.

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