What is a virtual bootcamp?

There are many different online or virtual formats to learn knowledge and skills online. One of the most popular and most effective formats in groups is a virtual bootcamp.

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What is a virtual bootcamp

A virtual bootcamp is a short, targeted virtual training that teaches a specific skill. It is hands-on, intense, and interactive. As the name suggests, it packs a great deal of material using different types of instructional models into a limited number of days.

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A virtual bootcamp is different from webinars, online courses, virtual classes, virtual workshops, virtual summits, virtual challenges or group coaching or individual life & business coaching in that it’s usually aimed at helping you as participant to get started with a big win – without any distractions from other work. It gives you a crash course in the topic, after which you’re ready for the next phase. It provides all the same value of in-person training but in an online, focused format.

You can participate in virtual bootcamps as part of hybrid working, working at home or remote working in general:

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And a great way to improve your productivity sing AI for instance:

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