How To Create Video Tutorials For Mobile Learning

Watching video tutorials on mobile devides is very popular for mobile learning in traditional online education and in the new mobile learning world. That is why we designed this new short online course on ‘How To Create Video Tutorials For Mobile Learning?’.

✔️ Target audience.

  • Professors, lecturers, trainers, coaches, consultants, speakers, bloggers, and other service providers who are looking to scale their online business without working 24/7.
  • Full-time or part-time entrepreneurs who are looking to start, grow and scale their online business by organising safe online challenges.
  • Any business owner, no matter what they sell or do, who wants to introduce safe online challenges into their business model and revenue model.

✔️ Modules.

  • Introduction – How On-Camera, Face-to-Face Video Fits into Your Business
  • Module 1: Set the Stage.
  • Module 2: Choose Your Topic and Draft Your Script Notes
  • Module 3: Hit Record – Tips for Talking, Looking, and Acting
  • Module 4: Render and Publish Your Video
  • Conclusion and Next Steps

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✔️ Learning objectives:

By the time you finish this short online course, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify how you can use on-camera video tutorials for your business and what results you can expect to get.
  • Use the equipment you have at your disposal to produce video tutorials, and decide what additional equipment you need.
  • Pick topics for video tutorials and outline your script so that you’ll be ready once the camera starts rolling, and you’ll get your point across clearly.
  • Star in your own on-camera videos and look natural, speakcomfortably, and feel relaxed in front of the camera with just a little practice.
  • Save, render, and do simple edits on your video so that it’s ready to post online where your audience will see it.

Incompany & In-House.

This virtual learning program can also be organised incompany and in house for your organisation, team or department in combination with any other course. The number of participants is basically unlimited.

Reach out.

If you want to follow this virtual learning program as an individual or if you want your employees to follow this online course with your team, department or company, contact us here today and we wil contact you for a free intake call and a quote:

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